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Why have a Foundation?


Supposing you, or a loved one, suffered from a sudden illness or injury and found yourself in the Emergency Department, would you want quick access to optimally trained doctors and nurses, a rapid and accurate diagnosis with prompt delivery of the right treatment without unnecessary tests and intrusive exploration?


Emergency medicine is a relatively young medical specialty and compared with other traditional specialties the science surrounding most effective emergency care is relatively unresearched. Hospitals work to expected standards but they have limited capacity to explore new ideas. The Emergency Care Foundation’ focuses on leadership in Emergency Care and providing better ways of providing care for patients. 









Emergency Care Foundation’s Core Goals


Our research will be published and presented in a variety of forums to ensure that emergency care is the best it possibly can be. It will focus upon five important goals.


  1. Establish solutions to the problems of people accessing appropriate Emergency Care. This research will specifically examine methods of reducing waiting times and overcrowding in Emergency Departments.

  2. Undertake research leading to improvements in diagnostic accuracy and decision making in emergency care, particularly in relation to conditions which can be difficult to diagnose (heart disease, blood clots in the legs and lungs and infections like meningitis).

  3. Improve knowledge about the best way to manage a variety of emergency conditions.

  4. Initiate research leading to advancements in relation to ethical decision-making in emergency care.

  5. Improve access to emergency care for all those who might need it and improve the diagnostic and decision-making accuracy of doctors and nurses working in emergency care.

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