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Since Emergencies are by definition unpredictable it is hard to react to one when it occurs without good forward planning. This is why the Emergency Care Foundation aims to ensure that understanding of the best available evidence and its implementation has been integrated in advance into strategies with which to deal with emergency care situations.


What is Emergency Medicine and Emergency Care?


Emergency Medicine is the evolving speciality that defines the practice of medicine in Emergency Departments (previously known as Casualty or Accident and Emergency).

It developed when it became apparent that people coming to Emergency Departments (potentially the most unwell and complex patients) needed the attention of experts and not unsupervised junior doctors. Emergency Medicine requires an ability to manage people with a wide variety of conditions while also possessing a high level of skill in both resuscitation and initial diagnosis.


While the term Emergency Care covers the practice of Emergency Medicine it also includes other aspects of the management of unwell or injured persons such as first aid, rescue and pre-hospital care and covers research into all aspects of emergency care.

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